PROFILCO aluminium systems

If you are building a new house or you are renovating your old house, here you can find our proposals-solutions for safe, qualitative and with endurance to time aluminium systems. The aluminium systems are distinguished in two main categories the opening systems and the sliding systems which can be simple or with thermal break. Additionally to the two main categories is used a roller shutter system. PROFILCO offers also a curtain wall with many shapes for covering buildings, pyramids, roofs, atriums etc. Believing that one of the basic factors of the reliability and the diachronic functionality of the aluminium systems is the accessories and fittings which we recommend in our technical catalogues because of the fact that they are tested. Simultaneously with our aluminium systems, PROFILCO produces and distributes also two systems of the German firm SYKON, in order to offer to our clients aluminium systems which are fulfilling the German specifications and have the technical accreditation because SYKON has a presence in the German market of aluminium systems for many years.