Ideal for construction with high specifications in thermal and sound isolation.
It is a system with greater heat isolation, provides ideal protection from ccold and heat as also from external noises by providing ideal conditions to the areas that protects.It is the best solution for those who have great expectations from aluminium systems because it offers perfect aesthetic and technical solutions.

Basic characteristics of PR63

  • Sash width 63mm
  • Can embrace double glazing 10-42mm
  • By using polyamide (24 mm) it is interrupted the thermal and sound flow between the external and the internal profile.
  • Saving energy by reducing the cost for heating and cooling.
  • Avoidance of the condensation at the internal profile.
  • The complete waterproof is ensured with the special drainage channels in all profiles as also with three EPDM gaskets which seal the system.
  • The central gasket is installed with a special vulcanized corner which prevents licking at corners.
  • Special thermal break profiles for the sealing of the door at the lower part.
  • Possibility to assemble the constructions with the use of gripping machine and special glue.